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      1. Pakka na? But I am unable to use my Wattpad account that frequently due to studies. And you know right now I’m in train for a group tour and meet my group in Delhi. Anyways come back soon.


  1. Hey, why have you stopped writing (or posting what you write)? I found your stuff really amazing and I’m waiting for something new if you have anything. Thanks 🙂


    1. Hey, I’m glad to know that you like my work. I have not stopped writing. Actually, I just started with college and trying to settle in there. So, sometimes, it is a little hard to post regularly. However, I continue to write in my diary. Be assured, I will be posting them in the coming days, as soon as my exams get over. Sorry 🙂


      1. Hey dude I really like the new poems. I recently wrote a collection of poems about optimism and you are probably my favourite poet, is there any way i could send you some of my stuff? maybe you could tell me what you think? that’d be really awesome! good luck with college 🙂


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