Who am I?

I am Harsh, the author and founder of this blog. If you are an Indian, you will have, most probably, heard my name. However, if you are not, let me acquaint you with it. My name is  pronounced as:

‘ʌ’  is equivalent to ‘u’ as in bunk, or sunk

It is spelled as Harsh and means happiness in my mother tongue, i.e., Hindi.
I am seventeen year old, and live in Delhi, which is the capital of India. You may have already heard of my country.

What I am Like?

I am a bit shy, but not an introvert. I like talking to people. I can talk to anyone, really. But, I am not an extrovert either. And, I am a bit of an egotist, but not an egoist. Essentially, I love telling people about myself. Who doesn’t! I hate being alone, and like talking to new people and making new friends. I am also a bit altruistic. I have a tendency to keep everyone around me happy. So, I do kind of justify my name.

What I do?

In most senses, I am a commerce student. But, I consider myself as more of a freelance writer. I love writing stories, epiphanies and of course, poems. In fact, this is what this blog is about! Other than this, I can play guitar, piano, speak three languages, play chess (I’m pretty good at it), be a good defender in soccer, be a good badminton player, edit videos ( I, once, got first prize for that in an Inter-school competition), edit pictures, debate, give speeches, lectures (basically, I am a pretty good orator), do magic, gather knowledge, work hard, secure first positions in academics, solve maths and logical questions, be funny, be nice, be helpful, be awesome, be whatever you want me to be, and of course, be Harsh!

P.S. I can also turn your frowns upside down.

What is “Abysmal Heights” about?

Abysmal Heights is a collection of poems and stories written by me.  Other than poems and stories, I also have “epiphanies”, which are sort of small quotes and reflections, that I thought were worth sharing.
Through my writings, I hope to capture the complex subtleties of human predicaments that we often witness in our lives. As you will notice, this theme is almost common in all my creations.

Hope you like it! Leave feedback 🙂

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