A Hope

Many years from now, we will meet once again,
During the season of fall, after years of pain.

And, then, there would not be anyone,
To disturb our tranquility of peace ,
We’ll have a life, we wanted to live,
Not the one, we were forced to breathe.

There will be just us, no space, no time,
A borderless expanse of serenity
A freedom to be, a freedom to become,
A freedom to be our identity.

We would go on to talk all day,
There won’t be any right or wrong,
No hypocrisy, no complications my friend
Our souls, won’t be bind at all.

Once broken into a million pieces,
That day, a flight we would attain,
Maybe as dust, if needed my friend,
We will meet once again.

From The Ruins: DP Challenge

This post is for DP Challenge (Fifty) of writing a story in 50 words. My exact 50 word story ( photo by Wallsave ) shows the importance of failures and also of perseverance . Here it goes:

He walked, till crushed
He believed, till shattered
He trusted, till drowned,
He tried, till lost.

But, from the ruins he rose again.

This time, he climbed,
This time, he scrutinized,
This time, he befriended,
This time, he won.

All he felt:
For once being,

Magic: NaPoWriMo Day 4

Kites, have you ever seen them fly?
A ray of colors floating amidst the sky, that’s how they look!

Rocks, look all around you, grey, pink, yellow, shinning blue!
Isn’t the scene so beautiful!

Sea shells, trees, sky, the sun, the moon and you.
Hi, yes, I am including you too. Isn’t everything so perfect, so authentic.

My friend, it is. Don’t be sad anymore, no not another tear.
All this, everything, all you can see or hear, doesn’t it seem a magic?

 Magic is perhaps not one of my best poems, but it is one of those that has brought a smile on many a faces (despite the fact that it was only written tomorrow).  It has a soothing undertone to it, something like Strawberry Swing by Coldplay.

Standing Up

As I walk among thousand ,
Without identity of my own ,
I struggle to search for reasons ,
For overthrow of my throne .

It was all that I had ,
Perhaps I shouldn’t have loved it so much ,
For only loved things are taken away ,
Irony it is such .

But I will not worry .
For my spirit still exists ,
So , what if my success was transitory ,
My failure too will be soon lost in mist .

For even after losing everything I ever had ,
I will stand up again ,
To get back what once was mine ,
And get back to my game .