Memories are worse than bullets
This is one of my favourite quotes. I wish I had written it or at least, something as magnificent as this. It is fascinating to see how it captures so many emotions in a single line.
You are going in a local train and it stops at a particular station, you had once got off at with someone. You get off at it again, though it is not your station. You get off because you are suddenly overwhelmed by nostalgia and you just cannot, not go there again.
You sit at the same spots where you used to sit together before. You eat at the same cafe, you buy things from the same store. You climb the same stairs where she had almost fallen down on once before. And, you just look the other way, smiling a little.
Now, you look at the gate where you had left her. You imagine her looking back at you before leaving. She turns around slowly, like she had once when you had called her name for the first time; the first time you had met her. She turns around and she comes back to you running and hugs you. You ask her to stay, but she just has to go.
And, she goes. And, you? Years later, you just stand there, imagining her coming back.
Memories are worse than bullets.

Central Park: NaPoWriMo Day 7

I remember when we walked in the Central Park,
When nothing was lost between us,
The memories of happiness,
New boulevards stood before us

And nothing was lost,
Everything simple, tame.
Walking our paths together,
No motives, no aims

Yet, you had to lose yourself,
Lost in mist, just like that, nothing to be,
And nothing to become, you,
Bade farewell to your aura and me.

As I lost myself, and my charm in you,
I lost everything I had earned so far,
Only thing I haven’t lost is though,
You and I walking in the Central Park.

This poem of mine is a bit close to my heart. It is one of those poems that I wrote in subconsciousness. It appeared as if it wrote itself. It is because of this reason that there are different number of syllables in some lines as compared to the general pattern. It wasn’t written keeping the “rules” in mind.