This poem comes after a really long gap. I was more involved in writing stories and epiphanies for the past few weeks. It all depends on what I feel like, or what is going on in my life. It’s amazing if you think about it. I recently shifted my preference from rhyming poems to free verses. I’m not sure why. Let’s see. 

Happy, cheerful giggles
The loud grins
Of a 50 children echoing
In a class of 51

Only one wasn’t present
His mind wandered
His vision lingered
Out the window
Around all the beautiful things
Phenomenal things
Marvelous things
That he hadn’t come to encounter
As yet.
And around that one being
He couldn’t get his mind off from
Who had told him about those things
The one
He couldn’t meet now.
Couldn’t be with.
Couldn’t forget.

Happy, cheerful giggles
The loud grins
Of a 50 children echoing
In a class of 51
And the scene
Wasn’t a happy one.

Episode III: Radio

“The next song” he would say “The next song that the radio plays would describe my future life.”

A declaration based on the notion that everything, as insignificant as the next song on the radio and as little as his declaration of these words, happens for a reason. Everything is connected and interrelated. Our souls aren’t floating in a space of boundless infinite serenity of chance, but are closely tied together by reason and fate.

“The next song would describe my future life” He would say.


He spent his entire life, or what was left of it, tagging an immensely sullen song as a happy, cheerful one.

Was his life sullen? Or happy?
Depends on what we mean by happiness.


It’s amazing how these hours, these little momentary hours turn into days, how these days turn into weeks and these little weeks turn into months. Month by month, as time goes by, the year comes to an end and yet, quite surprisingly, you find yourself still standing there, a little baffled, a little surprised, saying “Hey, 2014 had just started. ” And, then, you look around, noticing how yes, though you’re still standing there but everything else around you has changed, just to realise that 2014 had not just started, it was a long year, longer than you think.

PS: It’s my birthday today!


The Pursuit of Happiness: Why We Loved The Movie

I remember this one scene from “The Pursuit of Happyness”, in which Chris Gardner (Will Smith) passes by the building of a brokerage firm, and after observing the people around him comments (while narrating the scene) “They all looked so damn happy to me”.
Ironic, in my life, never have I once gotten a chance to experience this scene. In fact, if anything, it is the other way round. While walking on roads, sitting somewhere, talking to people, upon observation, all I will be able to comment (while narrating the story to someone) is “They all looked so damn sad to me”.
It’s true, paradoxical, but true. In fact, this is why the movie was loved by people in the first place. The majority, it didn’t relate with the happy brokers, no! They related themselves with Chris Gardner, the man who was not happy, but in the pursuit of happiness.
The question is “If we all are in the pursuit of happiness, who is happy?”

Echo of The Past: NaPoWriMo Day 25

As I was sauntering down the alley,
I saw a railway track, rusty brown,
Now drowned in an air of desolation,
Just like the nearby despondent town.

A stare, a look, a dreamatic vision,
And the track was shining new,
Perhaps, I’d fell asleep and was,
In a fantastic dream, made of hue.

As I saw the colors blend together,
Creating a euphoric, utopian scene,
From a side, there slowly emerged,
A young kid, barely thirteen.

A subtle, faint, subdued smile,
And a cheerful, ecstatic face,
In school dress, I saw him walk,
On the railway track in slow pace.

Dirty, torn around hair, he had,
Yet how happy he was, I thought,
Not a sign of worry, or pain,
No anxiety, no angst he’d bought.

Now, having reached the horizon,
He once turned and waved goodbye,
Then, faded like fog on a sill,
Leaving me alone in anguish to cry.

“Where have you gone to?”
I cried, cursing my destiny,
For that kid, was none other than,
A happier and younger me.

Momentary: NaPoWriMo Day 24

Through the hills and lands of green,
Was a small town called “Doco Treen”
And there lived a small boy,
Not so small, just eighteen.
Though teen, happy-go-lucky he was,
One day something left him aghast,
His mother was his only family,
And, now away she had passed.

Crying, weeping somehow the kid,
Got himself out of the pit,
A few years got by and then,
Grew up, yes, finally he did.
He married a very beautiful lass,
But, happiness still could not last,
Just married, and just divorced,
Happiness had just come and passed.

The kid was thirty two now,
A rich, proud boy and how,
He’d earned billions, millions today,
All that the world allowed.
But, this too did not last,
Threw him away, his own past,
A forgery two years ago,
His wealth too was soon to pass.

Forty, and what could he do?
Politics, yes that was his suit,
He joined the party that he knew,
And bit by bit, strengthened his root.
One day, using all his craft,
He became the PM of the caste,
But, destiny hospitalized his kid,
His life, indeed, was soon to pass.

On his funeral, he cried a lot,
His only son, his only hope,
Only reminder of his mother, his wife,
Dead was what he loved the most.
He called the finest men of the past,
“Make me happy” The PM asked,
But, none could despite numerous tries,
Except one who said “This too shall pass”.

The poem is based on the famous age-old Persian quote “This too shall pass”.

Magic: NaPoWriMo Day 4

Kites, have you ever seen them fly?
A ray of colors floating amidst the sky, that’s how they look!

Rocks, look all around you, grey, pink, yellow, shinning blue!
Isn’t the scene so beautiful!

Sea shells, trees, sky, the sun, the moon and you.
Hi, yes, I am including you too. Isn’t everything so perfect, so authentic.

My friend, it is. Don’t be sad anymore, no not another tear.
All this, everything, all you can see or hear, doesn’t it seem a magic?

 Magic is perhaps not one of my best poems, but it is one of those that has brought a smile on many a faces (despite the fact that it was only written tomorrow).  It has a soothing undertone to it, something like Strawberry Swing by Coldplay.

The Pursuit of Happiness : NaPoWriMo Day 3

Today is 31st March, 2057,
And I am here on my deathbed,
60 years old, a dampened spirit, Glaring at my frail body,
Reminiscing how great those years were,
When I was young,
Zealous, energetic, productive.

Today is 31st March, 2033
And I am here at my office,
35 years old, zealous, energetic, productive.
Wondering at their vanity, glaring at the monotony,
Reminiscing how great those years were,
When I was a student in college,
Lively, fun-loving and full of life.

Today is 31st March, 2019,
And I am here at my college,
22 years old, lively, fun-loving and full of life,
Weeping at the tension, borne out of the trinity,
Reminiscing how great those years were,
When I was in high school,
Diligent, prudent and persevere.

Today is 31 st March 2013
And I am here in high school,
16 years old, diligent, prudent and persevere.
Reflecting at their futility in enhancing my social life,
Reminiscing how great those years were,
When I was an elementary school student,
Gregarious, social, and friend to many.

Today is 31st March, 2004
And I’m here in elementary school,
8 years old, gregarious, social and friend to many.
Pondering over my restricted freedom of thought,
Hoping to become 55 above soon,
When I will be older than everyone,
Wise, free to take decisions and perhaps happy.