Mirrors That Do Not Reflect: NaPoWriMo Day 26

“Mirror mirror on the wall,
What to do, should I fall,
Or should I be back again,
To begin just another game”

These words he would ever say,
Every week, and every day,
For every time the mirror reflected,
His own emotions, it projected.

Confidence gave him some hope,
And beliefs would make him cope,
Thus, he would stand up again,
Even after failures, darkness, pain.

But, one day you broke his trust
Confidence, you made it rust.
Broken has that proud miller,
Shattered has his hopeful mirror.

And now among that broken glass,
He walks bare foot, hoping to pass,
Searching for his faith wrecked,
In mirrors, that do not reflect.

This post is for DP Challenge. The poem essentially narrates the story of a boy who always thought sadness and anguish can be gotten over. He expected the world to be limited in context of callousness and cruelty. He was wrong.