Something is different today

The music is louder. The train is gliding, instead of running. And, the people around you are more sleepy than usual. You get out of the train and you climb the stairs. It’s really dull outside. Something is different today. Today, it’s raining. But, there is something more.

The road is all muddy. And, there is a strange bokeh in the air, which can be felt and not seen. There are fewer cars than most days and you can almost imagine a train arrive in the middle of the road. Something is different today. Today, you’re in a dream. But, there’s something more.

Everything is falling apart: everything is melting. Everything is melting into darkness and whatever light there was is slowly fading into oblivion. And, someone is walking towards you, through the darkness and through the melting buildings and cars to save you. But, today there is something more. Today, you know that she is walking too slow. Today, you’ve embraced it, you’ve imagined yourself as the hero of a story and you know that heroes fall. Today, you’ve escaped.

NaPoWriMo Day 15: The Pendulum

There is a brief moment of rest
Before the pendulum comes to zest
Where it prepares for another fall
A terrific east or terrible west.

And that is a blind, horrid moment
Not knowing your own opponent
Left or right, future or past
A peaceful quit or violent enrollment

This is where we find ourselves
Hung in a sad, faithless blend
At one of the top corners in silence
Waiting for the wait to end.

The Daring Escape

An old woman sitting alone in a park
With eyes tearing regrets
And heart beating past

“I wanted to escape” she would say in her heavy voice
And, she did.
She escaped from reality.
Abandoning the love she had
Abandoning the people she lived with
“Escape was what I craved more” she would say in a sullen tone
And, she did
More than her life
Escape amazed her senses
Escape promised a new opportunity
A life without paradigms
A life without formalities

Was she selfish? Or was she helpless?
Was she weak? Or was she strong?

The little girl who escaped
Now, where did it take her?
Her present

An old woman sitting in a park.
With eyes tearing regrets.
And heart beating past.

The Escapist: A Poetic Duet

The Escapist is a poem written by me (Harsh) and HastyWords. Hasty is phenomenal writer. Be sure to check her blog out.

I lived inside fuzzy dreams,
Behind old shredded drapes,
Held captive by irrationality,
And broken by all my regrets.

Darkness surrounded me,
And pain shattered my soul,
Yet, I stood there, powerless.
Hoping that someday, I’ll be happy.

But someday was a temptress,
Dressed in holiday pirouettes,
Dancing upon hopeful dreams,
But fading as the clock ticks.

The only hope I had now,
Was memory of halcyon days,
And the only way to escape,
Was to just run away.

Spinning through the vortex,
Uncertain of choices to make,
I ran until I couldn’t anymore,
And destiny found me standing still.