Something is different today

The music is louder. The train is gliding, instead of running. And, the people around you are more sleepy than usual. You get out of the train and you climb the stairs. It’s really dull outside. Something is different today. Today, it’s raining. But, there is something more.

The road is all muddy. And, there is a strange bokeh in the air, which can be felt and not seen. There are fewer cars than most days and you can almost imagine a train arrive in the middle of the road. Something is different today. Today, you’re in a dream. But, there’s something more.

Everything is falling apart: everything is melting. Everything is melting into darkness and whatever light there was is slowly fading into oblivion. And, someone is walking towards you, through the darkness and through the melting buildings and cars to save you. But, today there is something more. Today, you know that she is walking too slow. Today, you’ve embraced it, you’ve imagined yourself as the hero of a story and you know that heroes fall. Today, you’ve escaped.

For Brooklyn

​Among the subtleties of human predicaments, I often like to imagine, is a lie that they had us believe. A lie- or a truth gone rogue- that was fed to us to keep the darkness away, which now ironically forms the very basis of it. 

The fundamental error of our lives has been to let that lie settle into our souls, to place our bets on the belief that- purposeful things cannot end into nothingness. 

NaPoWriMo Day 13: You

This poem is a riddle, in response to the prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 13. Other than that, it is also an acrostic poem- The first letter of each line, when read together, will spell a phrase. That phrase is the answer to the riddle. This poem is a little dark.

It is, maybe, of a different type
The one which has darkness inside

It is, maybe, not that different in fact
Sure, it likes to feel so

Yes, and it has a weird habit
Over and above the awkward life
Under any case, it won’t accept the truth
(Though, it maybe so)