Ask for more

I don’t want to be logical. I don’t want to be composed. I want to be unreasonable and ask for more. I want to be idealistic and impractical. I want to be consoled and empathised. I want to know that someone, somewhere gets it and is unconditionally supportive.

It would be a really boring life if we were to settle for mediocre. I don’t want to ever wake up one day and say to myself- Is this all there is?

Can You Listen: NaPoWriMo Day 11

Can you listen?
To the things around you?
That subtle sound of birds chirping,
Dogs barking,
And that sweet melody of nature,
Outside your dim room.
To that faint little whispering,
Coming from inside you,
Breaking through all that negativity,
All that darkness and white noise,
Coming from amidst the debauching words,
And amongst the muddle,
And chaos of anonymity,
That little murmuring,
That’s forcing you to believe.
That quiet breathing,
That’s telling you you’re alive.
Can you listen,
Amongst all the sadness, and anguish,
The sound of life?