NaPoWriMo Day 8: I Look at the Sky Again

I look at the sky again
And, no, the scene hasn’t changed
I look at the sky again
I still see darkness
I look up and I still see only a little star.
A little white shining star in the dark bleak sky,
Like the last time.
Only this time
I wasn’t running
I wasn’t attempting to escape
I was standing still
Staring at the star
The same star
That I had seen the other night
The one I had belittled as
An object which could never enlighten the entire sky
A hope which could never materialise into reality
 A lie which could never become the truth.
And, yet
All the shattered hopes
All the lies
All the failed attempts
The star was still there
Despite all
It was still there
Spreading its light
Taking me home
It had
Enlightened me

This poem is a palinode. The original poem I wrote a few days ago is:  I look at the Sky.

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