“Why do you write poems?”

“In the hope, that one day the people for whom I wrote these poems, would read them and understand those feelings which I never communicated with my voice.
“In the hope, that one day, after reading the morning newspaper, out of all the millions of things you could do, you would pick up your laptop and out of all those thousands of things you could search for, you would search for poems. On account of that little, beautiful magic, we call coincidence, you would get on my blog and of all the poems, would read the one I meant for you. And, then, out of all the hundreds of explanations that those combinations could have, you would understand the one I wish you to. You would know that I wrote it for you, because of this thing we have. You would not say anything though, you would not ask me. You would just know, just know what’s going on in my mind and just help me. And, maybe, hopefully, after the incidences in question are over, you would come to me and ask me in subtle words- That poem? It was meant for me, right? – And, I would give a little beautiful nod and we would just smile.
“In the hope of that little chance, I write poems” 

“Why do you write poems?”
“No reason at all.”

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