This is one of my first poems. I wrote it when I was just 15. I thought, maybe I should share it with you.

In this little thing called life,
I’ve met people of different kinds,
All of them were beautiful,
Their beauties were differently defined.

I’ve met them all one by one,
Each time, a different run,
Came across just three kinds,
Ones that I couldn’t shun.

First one, were beautiful to see.
Most common kind of all the three,
They appeared to talk of love,
But, did not act so lovingly.

Second kind, were beautiful to meet,
They were like the sun’s heat,
It felt so warm to be with them,
But, getting closer may burn the feet.

The third kind , beautiful to know,
The best of all in the row,
Kind, generous & good to befriend,
Having the sanctity of a doe.

I have seen, met people, here
But not know, oh dear
That’s all I regret in my life,
But I continue to bear.


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