This Is Not A Poem on Education: NaPoWriMo Day 30

Today is the final day of NaPoWriMo and I am proud to say that I’ve written twenty nine poems in the last twenty nine days! With much pleasure, I present to you my 30th NaPoWriMo poem: “This is Not a Poem on Education”. This poem is also my second submission for the “This is not a poem” poetry series and thus, following their suite, it will be more of a whimsical rhyme than an emotional one. Nonetheless, it will draw on the literary devices of irony and satire to bring out a theme: The Poor Education System in India. Most of the people may not like this poem, as it diverts itself from the usual themes of “tragedies”, “elegies” and “emotionality” found in other poems of mine. Then again, liking is, but, a relative concept and thus, I leave that for you to decide. As always, comments and reviews are more than welcome and will be highly appreciated. Here it goes:

Every kid in the school, may not be a student,
Only those who study are not called prudent,
Everyone who can say things is not a preacher,
Everyone with a stick is not a teacher.

Learning and repeating my not form quotations,
What’s taught in our school may not be education,
There is no word in dictionary as a breakoem*,
Everything that rhymes is not a poem.

* Use of a non-dictionary word suggests the attempts to break away free from the shackles and age-old beliefs that have been existing and ruining our society. This, along with the last and use of negativity to bring out meanings, is something that is common in all poems of this poetry series.

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