The Bucket List: NaPoWriMo Day 20

This post is for DP Challenge.

“What do you want to do?”
“A lot of things” said he.
“How about a bucket list?”
“Yes” he said in ecstasy.

So, Jimmy went to his room.
With the hope of writing a list.
Took a crayon in his hand and,
wrote his future in a gist.

Near the table, under the bed,
On the walls suave green,
He wrote with colorful crayons,
Adding color to his dream.

Bit by bit, one by one,
He wrote a thousand words,
Learn guitar, play piano,
Write poems, own a bird.

When he was done he,
Stood up in happiness,
Determined to lead a happy life,
Esteemed, famous, proud and blessed.

Sixty years have gone now,
And so much has changed today,
The room is empty,
There is nothing that lay.

No longer is there that cartoon print,
Or that old joker’s head,
No longer any furniture,
For Jimmy, is now dead.

Still the same is,
That suave green paint,
And in a familiar corner,
A bucket list, subtle  faint.

Thousand words, thousand desires,
But none fulfilled, not one,
Colors, pale and freckled now,
A bleak past, nothing done.

And, so the list is waiting now,
To be wiped off bit by bit,
For another Jimmy, and
For another bucket list.

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