What Hurts The Most

This poem is for WordPress Weekly Challenge.

There once was a boy,
A little young fellow,
He lived in a town call Townsville,
And called by the name hello.

The name was given by the Townsmen,
As they loved one of his habits very much,
He loved saying everyone hello and good bye,
Friendly he was such.

He was so nice and generous too,
And everyone in the town was his friend,
He did everything , all he could,
To help the people that he met,

Everyone loved him very much,
Such was he, a creature,
That anyone who met him was spellbound,
By his gregarious nature,

He too loved the Townsmen boundless,
His love was infinite,
Without them he was incomplete,
Could not pass a single night.

One day he got a call,
From his step-mother in his village,
Though she had been bad to him,
She was now struck ill by old age.

Without delay , hello went to,
The station and boarded the train,
He had just reached halfway,
When it started to rain,

It was a dark and calm night,
Then suddenly it happened,
A loud noise was heard and,
Soon, it all was helter skelter.

It was a train accident,
And so hurt was hello,
He could not think nor move nor see,
Oh , the poor fellow.

He knew his time was near,
He knew it very well,
It was all very clear,
There was nothing more to tell.

Thinking about his beloved townsmen,
He searched for his phone,
With great difficulty he found it,
Dialed them and heard the ringing tone,

Minutes passed but no one,
Seemed to pick it up,
They were either not near,
Or the post office was closed up.

Tired , frazzled and close to death,
No more pain he could bear,
He kept staring at the phone,
With his eyes full of tears.

He closed his eyes and reflected,
His thoughts were heavy, muddled,
He was so unhappy.
Hurt , sad and puzzled.

What hurt him the most , though,
Was not that he was about to die,
But his cruel ironic fate,
That he could not say goodbye.

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