My second submission for Weekly Challenge.
When I was just a little boy,
I lost my only family – my mother,
And All she left me was a silver toy,
To take care and love her!

The toy, it. was dear to me,
I loved it more than anything,
It was a sign of my mom,
But , I lost the toy and she was gone.

I cried for it day and night,
Looked for it everywhere,
But there, just wasn’t a sight,
Of the toy that had disappeared!

I was a child I let it go,
But didn’t forget about it.
Grew a little more, was thirteen or so
And I forgot about it!

Everything was going just fine.
Nothing now felt bad,
Till came the famine of  ’69.
And I lost all I ever had.

For days, I wandered on the street,
looking for food and shelter.
But there was nothing to eat,
Everything was helter-skelter!

Out of anguish and misery,
I cried out : Why Me?
And there came a voice  from heaven,
Because it is your destiny!

And then , out of no-where,
Came a man with a loaf of bread,
He offered me to come to his home.
I accepted , ate and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning,
It was not where I slept.
But in a little jail cell,
Where poor children were kept.

Next day I was taken to,
An iron rod factory.
Forced to work day and night,
Till, master said satisfactory.

But those words were never heard,
I was beaten hard everyday,
Forced to work like a cattle herd,
No sleep  and, no play.

Days turned into weeks,
And out of anguish I shrieked,
Why me? Why me?
The man there answered : well,
Because it is your destiny!

Then one day,  I finally revolted .
They slapped and beat me hard.
Threw me in a jail cell,
And locked it with a card.

I cried and wept for days.
But there was no one to hear.
I finally, with much efforts found a way.
To get out of there.

It was dark out there,
But in the corner I saw a little light,
I  walked towards it , to see what it was ?
What was shining so bright?

It was the silver toy!
I touched it with my hands so skinny,
It was back and I rejoiced.
For, it was my destiny!

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