Again: NaPoWriMo Day 15

I remember this faint memory,
Subtle, soft, subdued, yet true.
While going away I had said,
Goodbye, goodbye to you.

You’d just smiled and smiled,
Correcting my words, to my gain,
” Don’t say goodbye, my friend
Won’t I see you once again?”


Today, as I look at you,
My heart cries at your pain,
How the days have changed you,
You’re no longer sane.

You’ve stopped believing in things,
You’ve stopped believing in me,
You’re no longer the friend I knew,
Crushed you, has your destiny.

But, I won’t stop searching you,
For I know  inside you’re the same,
Yet all that I can do is say to your soul,
Won’t I see you once again?

The beauty of this poem is that it can be interpreted in numerous ways. You may consider it as a conversation between a man and his friend who has gone mad, or maybe a man  talking to his friend who has changed from how he was before, or a man talking about his friend at his funeral. In fact, you may even think of it as the story of God, sending the man on earth and then, wondering at how different and materialistic the man has become.

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