The Altruist: NaPoWriMo Day 13

This poem, apart from being a NaPoWriMo poem, is a part of my two new poetry projects called wordbook and acrostic. Accordingly,this poem has two unique things: first, it has been formed by using all the words, that I was recommended to learn for my management entrance exams, and second, it is an acrostic poem, i.e. the first letters of each line, if read vertically form a phrase. The words that were mandatory to use for this poetry project have been italicized. 

And I knew, she was different,
Low on spirits, but not introvert,
Teeming with esteem, yet not egoist.
Riding with confidence, yet not extrovert.
Under some balance, yet not an ambivert.

I knew, she had an air of goodness around her,
Something that shakes the beliefs of a misogynist,
Takes them on a retrospective journey.
Something that even changes the misogamist,
Hits the misanthrope, and arises introspection in egotist.

Elegant, yet not ascetic.
Who she was? You may wonder?
Ah, someone rare, yet not a blunder.
So, who she was, you may wonder and wonder.

Note than the first letter of each line when read vertically form the phrase: “Altruist She Was”.

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