This is Not a Poem On Poverty: NaPoWriMo Day 5

Everything that shines may not be gold,
Everyone with frail body may not be an old.
Despite rain storms, they may live in a pit.
They do have eyes, but not happiness in it.

Only that who is successful is not a doer,
Only that who begs is not  a poor,
There is no word in dictionary as a helpoem,
Everything that rhymes is not a poem.

The last two lines are almost common to all the poems in “This is Not a Poem” poetry series. It is something that connects them. They suggest my attempts to break away free from the shackles and age-old beliefs that have been existing and ruining our society. This is one of the major reasons why poem has been titled as “This is not a poem on Poverty”. Another reason for this title is that it actually is a poem on the poor rather than poverty. It is a pity and loyalty to the living rather than abstracts.

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