Magic: NaPoWriMo Day 4

Kites, have you ever seen them fly?
A ray of colors floating amidst the sky, that’s how they look!

Rocks, look all around you, grey, pink, yellow, shinning blue!
Isn’t the scene so beautiful!

Sea shells, trees, sky, the sun, the moon and you.
Hi, yes, I am including you too. Isn’t everything so perfect, so authentic.

My friend, it is. Don’t be sad anymore, no not another tear.
All this, everything, all you can see or hear, doesn’t it seem a magic?

 Magic is perhaps not one of my best poems, but it is one of those that has brought a smile on many a faces (despite the fact that it was only written tomorrow).  It has a soothing undertone to it, something like Strawberry Swing by Coldplay.

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